Four in ten US offenders return to state prison within three years

“The Pew Center on the States” revealed in their April 2011 report that the recidivism rate in the USA remains stubbornly high. “Recidivism” is defined as the rate at which offenders returned to prison within three years after their release and this rate has long been considered the leading statistical indicator of return on correctional investment.

While states currently spend more than $50 billion a year on corrections, the slumping economy is forcing policy makers to look for better public safety return on their corrections dollars. It is calculated that if states could reduce their recidivism rates by just 10 percent, they could save more than $635 million combined in one year alone in averted prison costs.

(View the full report here)

County Corrections Gospel Mission is concerned about this situation as such high recidivism rates not only points to a less than successful federal and state effort of “correction” and “rehabilitation” but also confronts The Church and other social structures to evaluate their attempts to help offenders to successfully reenter society.

County Corrections Gospel Mission wishes to make a positive difference in this situation and consequently facilitated The Family Reentry Initiative, an exciting venture of concerned churches and individuals in the Chester County.

Implementation of the Family Reentry Initiative (FRI) consist of a two-pronged approach including Malachi Dads, a faith-based mentoring program based on Malachi 4:6 and Dot Matrix, a focused collaboration connecting inmates to services necessary for them to thrive after release.


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