Mom’s Club Visit Ocean City, New Jersey

Walking along the Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk on a breezy July day is a great break from the mundane for the Moms Club members. Miss Penny, pushed in her wheel chair by Pastor Jack, summed up her feelings

“I would today sit in my Coatesville apartment…all by myself. This is a wonderful day to just get out and relax”

Miss Penny is just one mother with a tragic story…her grandson was recently murdered in a gruesome manner.

The group left Coatesville in the early morning and drove through the pretty back roads of Pennsylvania down to the coast of New Jersey. Breakfast at the Big M and plenty of laughter made the journey short. The Russian parking attendants helped the group to get close to the Boardwalk. “Enjoy yourself…We’ll meet here at 3pm” were Pastor Jack’s parting words to send his troops off to explore and to conquer the many shops and vendor stalls.

Each lady returned to the rendezvous point with a different story or item but all left Ocean City with a happy smile. The conversations driving back to Coatesville were different this time…each mother reporting about her experiences, how tired she was, what food she bought, how crazy it was to pay $3 for a plain hotdog, showing the gifts she bought her grandchildren, singing a few songs…but…IT WAS A GREAT DAY.

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