Habakkuk – Bible Study by Jack Crans

This study of the prophet Habakkuk was written by Jack Crans to express a long-held desire to open this book to those who are burdened in places of police and prison command.

“I am thoroughly convinced of one thing: God’s counsel through the sacred scriptures needs re-opened and brought to the forefront of leadership. I believe that those touching the cries of heart reflected in the Justice System of all nations are very near to the attentive and profound judgments of God. 

Nations are in crisis, including my own! No more concise message than what is found in Habakkuk could rival the posture of heart needed in leadership, today! Whether from a prison, police department, a courtroom or the highest command of justice in any nation there has never been a more urgent hour than now for leaders who weep and wait before God! If you read the following exhortations for leadership, know that I am praying that God will call you forth in His most perfect time. Weigh carefully the place He has permitted you to serve! Thank Him for placing you in your role ‘ for a time such as this’. Never underestimate what He might be calling you to do! See Psalm 107: 2

This study is by no means exhaustive but I pray that that these quickly written thoughts will somehow encourage those who take the time to understand…”

Jack Crans

Download a pdf version of Broken Heart – Unbroken Hope by Jack Crans here or contact us for printed copies. A donation will be appreciated to cover print and mail expenses.

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