New Associate: Jim Bontrager

Chaplain Jim Bontrager, Recipient of the 2012 Wilbert A. Cunningham Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement Chaplaincy, was recently accepted by the Board of Directors of County Corrections Gospel Mission as an associate.

Jim Bontrager presently serves as Senior Chaplain with the Elkhart Police Department in Elkhart, IN. He married Susie more than 26 years ago and they have 9 children. Jim is a veteran chaplain, working with law enforcement for the past 18 years. He holds his Senior credentials with the International Conference of Police Chaplains. Jim is the founder and director of an annual Officer Appreciation Day currently serving 18 agencies throughout the Northern Indiana / Southern Michigan region and beyond. He is author of the law enforcement curriculum for the movie Courageous that is currently being used across the United States as well as in the Philippines, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Jim understands the frustrations that chaplains experience to connect in a meaningful way with their officers and consequently designed a course, Making the Difficult Transition from Chaplain in Title to Trusted Confidant and Friend. This course aims to help young or inexperienced chaplains to gain access into the law enforcement culture. This remains one of the most difficult tasks any chaplain faces. In this course Jim teaches how to more effectively meet officer’s needs whilst also becoming a valued and respected member of a law enforcement team.

Contact us for more information contact about the course.

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