Sowing Seed Ministry Distributes Good and Evil Action Bibles to Prisons

Sowing Seed Ministry, new prison ministry, was birthed in Chester County, Pennsylvania when Simeon Stoltzfus and Sam King realized the impact that the Bible in “comic book”- style was having on inmates in prisons where they serve as religious volunteers.

“Good and Evil – The Ultimate Comic Book Action Bible” was developed by Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy Ministries. The book was beautifully illustrated by the the talented Danny Bulanadi, fomerly of Marvel Comics and became a powerful tool to help the current inmate population understand God’s Word. They are typically almost semi-illiterate, posses a low reading and comprehension-level but, more tragically, a low to zero biblical literacy level.

Simeon and Sam and their families decided to create Sowing Seed Ministry to finance the purchase and distribution of the Good and Evil Bible with the generous support of No Greater Joy Ministries and an expanding number of financial contributors.

Watch a short documentary about Sowing Seed Ministries on our home page.

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