Full-Time Staff

Jack and Sue CransSusan Crans married Jack Crans, founder of County Corrections Gospel Mission, on May 7, 1971 and has been active in full-time ministry ever since. She served in all developing seasons of Chester County Prison’s Chaplaincy, the birthing of City Gate Mission, carried the many responsibilities of pastor’s wife at Hephzibah Baptist Church, the administration of County Corrections Gospel Mission and in initiating “first burdens” for ministry to Coatesville’s children in weekly Bible Clubs. She mothered the care and refurbishing of the Camp at Old Mill in 1992 and led in the discipling of women related to the heart-cries of Coatesville’s at risk families. Sue continues to serve in faithful labors in fiscal administration, hosting countless visitors, leaders and friends, all while maintaining a rigorous balance of cooking, cleaning, and teaching. Her favorite Scripture is: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”



2845_CCGM-Prayer Card-Josh Crans-5 x 3.5Josh Crans graduated from Philadelphia Biblical University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree and Bible in 2003. After graduating, he worked at Community Youth and Women’s Alliance in Coatesville, PA, as a Teen Prevention Specialist while serving part-time with County Corrections Gospel Mission. He was employed in 2006 with the responsibility for Youth Outreach. This includes active involvement in Kid’sClub and Summer Camps.

Josh served on a plethora of initiatives including Chester County Communities Coalition, Chester County Planning Commission Steering Committee and the Coatesville Youth Initiative, all to better serve the Coatesville community. He is a weekly volunteer at the Bridge Academy and Community Center and his family has a history of over 30 years of ministry in the City of Coatesville. He is blessed with several talents, including writing and performing Christian rap.



Heinrich Botes was born and educated in South Africa. After completing a degree in social work at the University of Port Elizabeth, he completed 2 years of compulsory military service. He started his career in health promotion and community development in the Department of Health in 1985. Heinrich was the Director of HIV/AIDS Programs in the Eastern Cape Province in 1996 when he and his wife decided to become full-time missionaries. Heinrich and his family lived and served on the Kwasizabantu Mission Station in rural Kwazulu Natal. During this time he was also Coordinator of HIV/AIDS Programs at Doctors for Life, an organization of 1800 Christian medical doctors. He focused mainly on developing care for terminal patients in under-developed and under-resourced areas of southern Africa. His works to prevent HIV infection was done in schools, churches and large corporations.

In 2008, Heinrich was invited to the USA to serve at The Smallest Seed, a non-profit organization, assisting abused women and children in developing countries to reach their full potential. After completing that assignment, Heinrich is now serving the Lord at County Corrections Gospel Mission. His responsibilities as Assistant Chaplain of the Chester County Prison include applying his knowledge, skills and experience to help those impacted by crime and incarceration in Chester County. This include programs in prison, helping incarcerated fathers to prepare for successful reentry into their families and society as well as working outside of prison to help dependents deal with family reconstruction, incarceration and reentry.