County Corrections Gospel Mission is a faith-ministry, entirely dependent on the Lord for His provision and protection. He has for many decades faithfully supplied in our need for “daily bread”. At times He used other members of His Body to pass those provisions, always enough and always on time. We praise Him for His great love and mercy. If you want, you can also help.

You, your church, family or group may “adopt” or take on any of the items below as a long-term project or commitment. Your involvement could include your expertise, finance, labor and time while we will do all we can to facilitate such involvement. Some groups prefer to visit Camp at Old Mill during our “down time” and make it an annual fun event which may even include a sleep-over!

Here are some suggestions:

The Camp at Old Mill facility

There are several buildings on the Camp at Old Mill property, where County Corrections Gospel Mission is situated. They include some of historic significance such as the beautiful stone-built Barn and Mill House (it now contains the kitchen and dining room on the first floor and the maintenance room and small apartment downstairs) and then also the Chapel and Office, Boys Dorm, Girls Dorm, the Pavilion, the snack shop, the Carriage House, two guest cottages and the public restrooms. The property, which is next to the Brandywine River, offers water-based activities including canoes and slides. Campers can enjoy the volley ball and basket ball courts, swings and the more challenging zip lines and an obstacle course. Beautiful bridges give access to the northern bank of the Brandywine Creek where a rustic gazebo offers shade from the sun. The septic tanks need to be emptied by trucks and this poses quite a financial challenge.

Each of the above-mentioned requires constant maintenance and we would like to keep the camp in a pristine condition. Help us achieve that goal.

Our Programs

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Our Staff 

Each of our staff members is a missionary and there are many innovative ways to encourage and support them. Meet our full-time and part-time staff.

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County Corrections Gospel Mission exists to biblically and effectively address the spiritual crisis as reflected through the urgencies and heart-cries of the Criminal Justice System.