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“Broken Heart – Unbroken Hope” by Jack Crans

“I am thoroughly convinced of one thing: God’s counsel through the sacred scriptures needs re-opened and brought to the forefront of leadership. I believe that those touching the cries of heart reflected in the Justice System of all nations are very near to the attentive and profound judgments of God.

Nations are in crisis, including my own! No more concise message than what is found in Habakkuk could rival the posture of heart needed in leadership, today! Whether from a prison, police department, a courtroom or the highest command of justice in any nation there has never been a more urgent hour than now for leaders who weep and wait before God! If you read the following exhortations for leadership, know that I am praying that God will call you forth in His most perfect time. Weigh carefully the place He has permitted you to serve! Thank Him for placing you in your role ‘ for a time such as this’. Never underestimate what He might be calling you to do! See Psalm 107: 2

This study is by no means exhaustive but I pray that that these unedited and quickly written thoughts will somehow encourage those who take the time to understand…”

Jack Crans

Download a pdf version of Broken Heart – Unbroken Hope by Jack Crans here.

“Humility” by Andrew Murray (First published 1895)

Very few men in history have ventured to write about the subject of humility. Andrew Murray was known as a servant-leader who by the life he lived “earned” the right to write a book about this matter.

He states ” Humility, the place of entire dependence on God, is, from the very nature of things, the first duty and the highest virtue of man. It is the root of every virtue. And so pride, or the loss of this humility, is the root of every sin and evil.”

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Paperback: 106 pages
Publisher: Whitaker House, 1982
Language: English
ISBN: 0-88368-110-2

“The Calvary Road” by Roy Hession

Roy Hession, a successful evangelist in England, knew he had lost the power of the Spirit in his life – a terrible feeling as he led his evangelistic campaigns.

In 1947 Hession met leaders of the East African Church which was then experiencing a sweeping revival, and recognized his deep personal need. It was like starting the Christian life over as he came humbly to the Cross. The principles which the Lord taught him were first published in 1950 as The Calvary Road and are now available in more than 70 languages.

Product Details

Paperback: 131 pages
Publisher: CLC Publications (1950)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0-87508-236-x
ISBN-13: 978-0-87508-236-3

“Song of Songs – Unveiling the Mystery of Passionate Intimacy with Christ” by Watchman Nee

The Song of Solomon is one of the finest love poems ever written. Over the centuries its beautiful language and sublime imagery have enchanted readers. Watchman Nee believes it is possible to discover within the poem all the principles needed to develop the spiritual life. In this devotional commentary, he explores the love relationship between the individual believer and the Lord. His insights are for all who long to intensify their love and by so doing find overwhelming joy and satisfaction.

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Paperback: 230 pages
Publisher: CLC Publications (1965)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-87508-851-8

“The Turn of the Tide” by W. Vernon Higham

Vernon Higham believes revival is needed. He believes revival can be expected. He believes God still delights to meet His people!. With Isaiah 62 – 64 as his text, Higham writes of our tremendous need of revival in fresh and flavorful language. The tide has been out for a long time, but he earnestly hope that the turn of the tide is near again.

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Paperback: 124 pages
Publisher: International Awakening Press (1995)
Language: English
ISBN: 0-926474-15-4

“The Pursuit of Man – The Divine Conquest of the Human Heart” by A.W. Tozer

The author said: ” This little book of the spiritual way has not been made in any mechanical sense; it has been born out of inward necessity…The sight of the languishing church around me and the operations of a new spiritual power within me have set up a pressure impossible to resist”.

The Pursuit of Man was previously published under the title ‘The Divine Conquest’. The new title reflects Tozer’s desire that the book be published as a sequel to his best-selling volume ‘The Pursuit of God.’

Product Details

Paperback: 138 pages
Publisher: Christian Publications (1950)
Language: English
ISBN: 0-87509-815-0

“The Pursuit of God” by A.W. Tozer

A.W. Tozer writes in the preface of this work: “This book is a modest attempt to aid God’s hungry children to find Him. Nothing here is new except in the sense that it is a discovery which my own heart has made of spiritual realities most delightful and wonderful to me. Others before me have gone much farther into these holy mysteries than I have done, but if my fire is not large it is yet real, and thee may be those who can light their candle at its flame.”

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Paperback: 128 pages
Publisher: Horizon House Publications (1976)
Language: English
ISBN: 0-88965-010-1

“The Laws of Revival” by James Burns (Edited by Tom Phillips)

Joe Focht, pastor of Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, writes in the preface of this edition: “Scanning the horizon of our surroundings nationally and globally can be a dreary task. i have questions, concerns and frustrations as a pastor, a husband, a father and a grandfather. What are the current trends morally, financially, diplomatically, militarily and spiritually? Where are we headed, and how rapidly will we arrive? Yet, when I lift my eyes from the horizontal to the vertical, I find great hope. Hope that the God revival might once again, at this troubled hour, open the windows of heaven and pour upon us afresh the Person of His Holy Spirit to convict, to renew, and to revive His Church once again. Remembering, that other than the blessed hope, God-given revival is now and aleayshas been the only hope for God’s church.It is with this in mind that we commit to print again this little book. May it stir an attitude of expectation in our hearts. may we pray with David once again: ‘Though I walk in the midst of trouble, you will revive me’ (Psalm 138:7, NKJV)”

Product Details

Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (1992), reprinted by Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia.
Language: English
ISBN: a-89066-240.1

“Gretchen and Nick: a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ story for today!” by Max Call

This book presents a powerful testimony of how the Lord translated these two people from the darkness of sin to the Eternal Kingdom of God. They are the founders and directors of Crossroads Ministries, ministering to prison inmates. This book can be obtained through: Acclaimed Books, P.O. Box 18186, Dallas, Texas 75218

Read more: International Network of Prison Ministries 

“America, the Sorcerer’s New Apprentice: The Rise of New Age Shamanism” by Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon.

Published by Harvest House, Eugene, Oregon. ISBN 0890816514 (0-89081-651-4)

Soft cover, Harvest House Pub

“Answers to Prayer” by George Mueller

George Mueller (1805-1898), evangelist and philanthropist in England, was a man of prayer and strong faith who depended wholly on God for his temporal and spiritual needs. As founder of several orphanages, he handled more than $8 million, although his own worldly possessions were valued at about $800 at his death. Through his narrative account, Mueller reveals how powerful and spiritually rewarding prayer can be in your life.

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Paperback: 144 pages

Publisher: Moody Publishers (October 1, 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0802456502

“Freedom and Authority” by J.I. Packer

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Western society is in a crisis: all of us want to be free, but many do not know what true freedom is, much less how to achieve it. Even within the church differing views about the authority of Scripture and its role in Christian life and thought have left split some denominations and left others on the verge of schism. In Freedom & Authority, J.I. Packer shows the true nature of freedom and the only way to experience it. “True freedom,” writes Packer, “is found where Jesus Christ is Lord in living personal fellowship. It is under the authority of a fully trusted Bible that Christ is most fully known and this God-given freedom most fully enjoyed. If therefore we have at heart the spiritual renewal for society, for churches, and for our own lives, we shall make much of the entire trustworthy–that is, the inerrancy–of Holy Scripture as the inspired and liberating Word of God.” J. I. Packer is Board of Governors’ Professor of Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. Dr. Packer is author of many books, including Knowing God, A Grief Sanctified, and Keep in Step with the Spirit.

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Paperback: 52 pages

Publisher: Regent College Publishing (November 1, 2003)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1573830356

ISBN-13: 978-1573830355

“Experiencing God”  by Henry Blackaby

Experiencing God Member Book Revised and Updated (Paperback)

Authors: Henry T. Blackaby, Richard Blackaby & Claude King
Publisher: LifeWay Church Resources
ISBN (10): 1415858381
ISBN (13): 9781415858387
BMI Stock Number: BMI0028

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God – Member Book is the revised and expanded edition that helps leaders to promote the classic, best-selling, 13 week study and conduct an Experiencing God Weekend or churchwide spiritual growth emphasis. Written by Henry Blackaby, Richard Blackaby, and Claude King, the Experiencing God Bible Study is based on the Experiencing God book, which has sold millions of copies worldwide. Through examination of biblical and contemporary illustrations, participants will understand and apply seven realities of experiencing God. Churches will be helped to better function as the body of Christ, as members understand how to experience God as a church.

“Repentance: The First Word of the Gospel” by Richard Owen Roberts

J.I. Packer, Professor of Theology at Regent College, says about this book ” Roberts writes to remind us that the real measure of our faith is our repentance – something that we too often forget. Probing, prodding, relentlessly thorough, his extended Bible study…covers the waterfront admirably. many of us, I suspect, badly need a dose of his pungent realism”.

Publisher: Crossway Books

Publication date: 01/01/2002

ISBN-13: 9781581344004

Contact Richard Owen Roberts Booksellers & Publishers. or Telephone: +1(630)752-4122

“George Washington’s Sacred Fire” by Dr. Peter Lillback

Publication Date: July 24, 2006 | ISBN-10: 0978605268 | ISBN-13: 978-0978605261 | Edition: 1st

What sets “George Washington’s Sacred Fire” apart from all previous works on this man for the ages, is the exhaustive fifteen years of Dr. Peter Lillback’s research, revealing a unique icon driven by the highest of ideals. Only do George Washington’s own writings, journals, letters, manuscripts, and those of his closest family and confidants reveal the truth of this awe-inspiring role model for all generations. Dr. Lillback paints a picture of a man, who, faced with unprecedented challenges and circumstances, ultimately drew upon his persistent qualities of character – honesty, justice, equity, perseverence, piety, forgiveness, humility, and servant leadership, to become one of the most revered figures in world history. George Washington set the cornerstone for what would become one of the most prosperous, free nations in the history of civilization. Through this book, Dr. Lillback, assisted by Jerry Newcombe, will reveal to the reader a newly inspirational image of General and President George Washington.

“Changing the Ending” by Lyndon Azcuna

Publication Date: July 11, 2012

What does it look like to live as a godly father? What does it mean to intentionally build a legacy of faith in the lives of our kids? Pouring from his own life and ministry experience, Lyndon Azcuna summarizes the vision of Malachi Dads. Based on the vision of Malachi 4:6, “He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers,” Changing the Ending is a passionate call for men to rise up and focus on the legacy they are leaving for their children. Included throughout the book are several stories from men who are seeking to live their lives as Malachi Dads, despite some very challenging circumstances. Consider how you, too, might play a role in changing the ending for future generations.

Product Details

Paperback: 90 pages
Publisher: (July 11, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 110571148X
ISBN-13: 978-1105711480
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.2 inches

“Cold Case Christianity” by J. Warner Wallace

J. Warner Wallace, an L. A. County homicide detective and former atheist, Cold Case Christianity examines the claims of the New Testament using the skills and strategies of a hard-to-convince criminal investigator.

Christianity could be defined as a “cold case”: it makes a claim about an event from the distant past for which there is little forensic evidence. In Cold Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace uses his nationally recognized skills as a homicide detective to look at the evidence and eyewitnesses behind Christian beliefs. Including gripping stories from his career and the visual techniques he developed in the courtroom, Wallace uses illustration to examine the powerful evidence that validates the claims of Christianity.

A unique apologetic that speaks to readers’ intense interest in detective stories, Cold Case Christianity inspires readers to have confidence in Christ as it prepares them to articulate the case for Christianity.

Learn more about the book at

“Salvation in Full Color” edited by Richard Owen Roberts

Powerful sermons on the doctrines of grace were common during America’s Great Awakening. This collection of historic yet very timely messages covers the spectrum of the doctrine of salvation.

Drawn from the works of the Awakening’s leading figures by Richard Owen Roberts, these twenty sermons, each with a biographical sketch of its author, are arranged in the order they affect the individual. Originally delivered from the pulpit as messages to common congregations, they still speak profoundly today, not just to theologians but to ordinary people.

Carrying an immense moral force, these sermons will help each believer better understand what God has given them in Christ and cannot help but to draw them into a stronger relationship with Him.

Product Details

Paperback: 362 pages
Publisher: International Awakening Press, 1994
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-926474-12-3
Sales: Contact Richard Owen Roberts Booksellers & Publishers. or Telephone: +1(630)752-4122

“Sanctify the Congregation: A Call to the Solemn Assembly and to Corporate Repentance” Selected and Edited by Richard Owen Roberts

This volume contains over a dozen powerful sermons calling the Church to fasting and to solemn assembly. A look through an index of early American publications reveals the wealth of attention that America’s founding fathers gave to this issue of corporate repentance, and a selection of their sermons preached between 1645 and 1753 is included here, along with calls for corporate repentance issued by government bodies and in church covenants. A chapter on the solemn assembly has been included by the editor, Richard Owen Roberts, providing valuable background on a subject that much of the modern church seem to have forgotten.

Product Details

Paperback: 338 pages
Publisher: International Awakening Press, 1994
Language: English
ISBN: 0-926474-10-3
Sales: Contact Richard Owen Roberts Booksellers & Publishers. or Telephone: +1(630)752-4122

“Revival” by Richard Owen Roberts

Revival is not scheduled meetings, not an emotional high, but the “extraordinary movement of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results”.

So says the author of this challenging book on a topic too casually discussed, too infrequently experienced, too often misunderstood.

Richard Owen Roberts includes historical information on revival, as well as practical guidance in making the effects of revival endure. Written for all those concerned about their spiritual condition, this book is a clarion call for God’s Spirit to move upon His people. A must for everyone who is longing for genuine revival…

Product Details

Paperback: 196 pages
Publisher: Richard Owen Roberts Publishers, 1982
Language: English
ISBN: 0-940033-36-4
Sales: Contact Richard Owen Roberts Booksellers & Publishers. or Telephone: +1(630)752-4122

“Life in Christ – A Manual for Disciples” by Tony Salerno with Gabriel Arosemena & Steve Harrison. Illustrations by Gustave Dore.

The foreword was written by David Wilkerson (Cross and the Switchblade) and the preface by Leonard Ravenhill. Both these reputable men who have since passed on to be with the Lord, highly recommended this work. Wilkerson said “Life in Christ – A Manual for Disciples is one of the most important study guides ever published.” Ravenhill said “This book in no way pretends to be a substitute for reading the Bible, but it is intended to give pointers to help you in your untried faith and new walk with God”.

Tony Salerno and two of his associates have prepared this in-depth manual to help new Christians in understanding the Christian Faith, reading the Word of God, and fellowshipping with other believers.

Product Details

Paperback: 288 pages
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers, 1983
Language: English
ISBN: 0-87123-887-X

“Seeking Him” by Nancy Leigh deMoss and Tim Grissom.

An in-depth study of Scripture on 12 life-changing topics presented in an interactive and engaging style. Each lesson includes five days of individual study and an optional section for group discussion. Incorporates reflective questions, tips, insights and inspiring quotes.

Product Details on

Paperback: 288 pages

Publisher: Moody Publishers; New Edition edition (October 1, 2009)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0802413625

ISBN-13: 978-0802413628

If you are interested in Seeking Him, you may also enjoy listening to recordings of the National Tele-Net Prayer Meeting  These moving prayer times were recorded between January-April, 2005 and were hosted by Byron Paulus and Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Jack Crans was one of several men and women of God who participated in this venture. Seeking Him is a joint venture of Revive our HeartsMoody Publishers and Life Action Ministries.

“Behold Your God – Rethinking God Biblically” by John Snyder

Behold Your God, produced by Media Gratiae is a 12-week study for churches, small groups, families or individuals containing 12 sessions that are reinforced by a 12-week daily workbook. Each week’s lesson is preceded by a brief historical profile of a notable man or woman of God such as George Muller, A. W. Tozer, Samuel Rutherford, Charles Spurgeon, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, Amy Carmichael, Robert Murray M’Cheyne, George Whitefield, Daniel Rowland and Jonathan Edwards. Behold Your God was designed for individual or group study. The material is intended for use with a companion set of 13 DVD’s but may be used alone.

Product Details

Paperback: 271 pages
Publisher: Media Gratiae, 2013
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-9886681-2-6

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