What is Friends of County Corrections Gospel Mission?

Joining Friends of County Corrections Gospel Mission is like becoming part of “the family” or joining the “inside circle”. We are the people who sign up, pay up and show up! We want to be the proverbial “right hand”, willing to serve whenever and wherever the ministry has some kind of need. We don’t offer membership, we offer opportunity!

What do Friends do?

Besides constant prayer, we roll up our sleeves, get dirty and sweaty, doing the things that the folks at County Corrections Gospel Mission don’t get to or simply need more hands. We are even prepared to make a regular donation to the ministry. This amount is determined “between me and God”.

The list of things to do is almost never-ending but includes:

  • Helping in the kitchen: Preparing and serving meals, washing dishes
  • Maintenance: grounds, buildings, equipment, vehicles
  • Administration: In the office, during camps,
  • Youth counselors
  • Prayer
  • Fundraising


How to I join?

Visit the Contact page and follow the instructions.

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County Corrections Gospel Mission exists to biblically and effectively address the spiritual crisis as reflected through the urgencies and heart-cries of the Criminal Justice System.