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County Corrections Gospel Mission maintains strategic partnerships with the following reputable organizations in order to combine forces and resources to reach common goals:

Heart-Cry for Revival desires to ignite, equip, and commission ministry leaders in their passionate desire for God to bring spiritual renewal to individuals, churches, campuses, and nations.

OneCry is a partnership led by Life Action Ministries. It is intended to bring together all those who share a commitment to biblically based revival for the exaltation of Christ. OneCry is based on this urgent premise: Revival is our only hope.

The City Gate Rescue Mission opened its doors in 1980 when God answered the prayers of Chaplain Jack Crans to establish a haven for men released from Chester County Prison as an alternative to living in the street and for sinners in the Coatesville area to have a tangible daily evidence of God’s love. Read more about the history of City Gate Mission here. Watch this short documentary about City Gate Mission.

ThreeSixteen Skateboard Ministry aims to promote the biblical truth of Jesus Christ to America’s youth and adults who are involved in skateboarding and their affiliated cultures and industries. ThreeSixteen offers a weekly skate night bowl session and Bible study at Camp at Old Mill. See how the bowl was constructed at Camp at Old Mill and hear Jonathan Crans, founder of ThreeSixteen Skateboard Ministry, explain the history and purpose of this unique ministry. You can also connect with ThreeSixteen here.

Bridge Academy and Community Center situated in Olive Street, Coatesville uses the creative arts, education and community projects as a means to build relationships with our community, and to educate, serve, and impact the community with the gospel message, ultimately making fully devoted followers of Christ. As in the case of Young Life, County Corrections Gospel Mission staff plays pivotal roles in this ministry as many of the children are somehow impacted by crime and imprisoned relatives and friends. The annual BACC Book Bag Drive in Coatesville, is one such project where County Corrections Gospel Mission and the Bridge Academy work together. See a short video montage about this ministry.

Prison Fellowship is the world’s largest Christian nonprofit organization for prisoners, former prisoners, and their families, and a leading advocate for justice reform. Founded in 1976, Prison Fellowship (PF) “exists to serve all those affected by crime and incarceration and to see lives and communities restored in and out of prison—one transformed life at a time”Chuck Colson, founder of PF, visited Chester County Prison on invitation of Chaplain Jack Crans soon after his release from prison in 1975. Since then, PF volunteers have been ministering in Chester County Prison’s chapel every Monday evening.

Family Reentry Initiative, based in Chester County, strives to positively impact the lives of men and women who are incarcerated (or at risk of being incarcerated) for the purpose of reduced incarceration and recidivism, the promotion of greater public safety and the maintenance or building of stronger families and community relationships. This ministry aims to reach its vision by providing in the physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of those incarcerated as well as their affected families through a holistic and collaborative approach.

Mission Mobilization International is a non-denominational, Evangelical Christian organization which exists to proclaim the Gospel to law enforcement professionals, firefighters, military, government officials, and others. “We mobilize Christians to serve their colleagues in other countries. We proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and present quality training to police, military, and firefighters. We teach principles of family life, leadership skills, as well as counseling, Bible teaching, and more. Through these programs we show them how they can be light and salt in thecommunity and the world to the glory of God.”

The Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers (FCPO) is a national ministry comprised of Christian men and women from all areas of the criminal justice system. Through FCPO these peace officers are further banded together to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with peers and fellow workers. Through the discipleship process, FCPO members teach others how to integrate Christ and Christian principles into their work, daily life and relationships.

Police Officer’s Memorial  The mission of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is to generate increased public support for the law enforcement profession by permanently recording and appropriately commemorating the service and sacrifice of law enforcement officers; and to provide information that will help promote law enforcement safety.

Pointman Leadership Institute  offers ethics training worldwide in character-based, principled leadership. Several of the Directors and Staff including Jack and Joshua Crans, Del Walinga and Heinrich Botes are Pointman Leadership Institute trainers and facilitators.

International Christian Police Fellowship is an affiliation of national and regional bodies for the purpose of developing a sense of world movement by providing a world forum whereby international fellowship of Christian Police Officers may occur. It intends to serve as a multi-directional conduit for information and resources of affiliated groups whilst encouraging, motivating and enabling local bodies in the formation of new Fellowships where no existing Christian Police Fellowship exists.

Christian Police Association (United States of America is a ministry to those who are given authority over others and charged with ensuring that others live peaceful and quiet lives. The Christian Police Association(CPA) seeks to promote the fellowship of Christians in the police and prison services. The CPA exists to advance the Christian faith among active and retired members of the police and prison professions. The CPA exists to encourage prayer, Bible study and fellowship, with proven results for those officers willing to discover these basic truths of spiritual health.

Christian Police Association (United Kingdom)  was founded in 1883 by Catherine Gurney and now has branches in the majority of Police Areas in the United Kingdom as well as maintaining links with similar groups overseas. Catherine’s lasting contribution to the Police Service was the founding of the police convalescent homes now known as rehabilitation centers and located in Flint House in Berkshire, St. Andrew’s in Harrogate and at Castlebrae, Auchterarder in Scotland. She also founded police orphanages and schools whose ongoing work is continued by the Gurney Fund in the south and the St George Police Trust in the north. It is this tradition of practical Christianity that the CPA aims to promote.

Code 3 International Ministries is a Christian Ministry for Law Enforcement and their families.  Their goal is to connect with Peace Officers through fellowship and Bible studies and encourage them in their careers to be Godly men and women of the badge.  From networking and these fellowships, Code 3 challenge officers to use their training and talents to be ambassadors of Peace by going on short term missions trips in the US and abroad.

The Society of The Honor Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a non-profit association organized expressly for and wholly committed to protecting and enhancing the welfare and image of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the soldiers who stand guard, past and present. The Society works toward preserving and maintaining records, educating the public concerning the history of the Tomb and the Unknown Soldiers, as well as the history of the Guards who have stood watch over them since 1926.

Christian Legal Society is a membership organization of Christian attorneys, judges, paralegals, law students, and other legal professionals dedicated to serving Jesus Christ through the practice of law, defense of religious freedom, and provision of legal aid to the needy.

Young Life of Chester County aims to coach teenagers towards responsible adulthood by spending quality time with them.

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