Religious Volunteers/Visitors Program


Once a person finds himself/herself in prison, it often is a time to “take stock” and to reflect back over events/relationships/decisions and choices that preceded such incarceration. During this time inmates have time for introspection which often leads to a desire to talk to someone outside their situation about their lives, their problems and hopes.

This counseling may come from a professional in a specialized field but very often the inmate realizes a desire to “connect with God again”.

The Prison offers several opportunities for inmates to attend religious meetings and to be counseled individually. This service cannot be offered by the institution without the assistance of community volunteers. Whilst the Chaplain Service is responsible to manage the service in a responsible, safe and orderly manner, it is the volunteers who provide most of the labor. Religious services and events are arranged every day of the week.



Procedure to register as a Religious Volunteer/Visitor

Please follow the Registration Instructions that include studying the Guidelines for all Visitors in Corrections and the Application Forms. The Chaplain’s Office uses the same documents to update information for existing registered religious volunteers/visitors.

Approved religious volunteers/visitors will be registered with the Chaplain’s Office and may begin individual visits and/or belong to a team responsible for scheduled religious services.

Contact the Administrative Chaplain’s Office via email (preferably) or phone 610 942 9142 for appointment requests at least two (2) business days in advance of your desired visit date. Include the proposed date, day of week, time (see official visiting hours), inmate name, inmate’s county number and the location/venue (main prison or work release center) with these requests.

Please note that all volunteers/visitors to the Chester County Prison may be required to show proof of identity.

PRV News

New information about the reentry ministry at Chester County Prison is shared with approved “professional religious volunteers” by means of PRV News, the Chaplain’s monthly electronic newsletter. Read archived editions of PRV News here.