Public Sector

County Corrections Gospel Mission exists to biblically and effectively address the spiritual crisis that is reflected by the Criminal Justice System. In response to this vision, we developed programs at local level to serve people groups involved in or affected by the Criminal Justice System. These people groups include at-risk communities and agencies most impacted by family breakdown, crime and the increasing loss of moral consensus and order in society.

Since 1985, County Corrections Gospel Mission gained considerable knowledge and experience in developing a local, multi-sectoral model that effectively addresses challenges that are common to local authorities in the US and abroad. We humbly endeavor to duplicate this model, regionally, nationally and even internationally. At the same time there exists an opportunity and need to encourage, influence and alert national (and international) leaders and lawmakers regarding developments, needs and solutions in the law enforcement and corrections fields.

County Corrections Gospel Mission achieves the above-mentioned goals by arranging high-level activities such as summits for multi-sectoral leaders, prayer days or prayer chains, individual meetings and maintaining an office facility in Washington, DC.

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