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On this episode of Today’s News & Biblical Views, Pastor Larry Burd and Rob Fields interview Jack Crans, CEO of County Corrections Gospel Mission, to talk about the urgent heart cries of the criminal justice system and the importance of revival and ministering to those in our own back yard. 

“Good Guys! Doing Good”

“Tim Bisagno of “Good Guys! Doing Good” heads back north to meet pastor, coach, and rapper, Josh Crans. On the frontline of his community, Josh has committed his life to discipleship with the youth of Coatesville PA. After getting a deeper look into the history of this steel town, including its poverty and prison rates, Tim gets to spend time with some of the amazing kids who inspire the passion behind Josh and his family’s ministry.”

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The (old!) video below captures some of the history of County Corrections Gospel Mission and Camp at Old Mill. 

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County Corrections Gospel Mission exists to biblically and effectively address the spiritual crisis as reflected through the urgencies and heart-cries of the Criminal Justice System.