Jack Crans, Founder & CEO


Welcome to County Corrections Gospel Mission or CCGM as we call it…

I am most anxious to engage your interest in what we’ve been doing since 1973. It was in ’73 that I formally entered Chester County Prison and commenced what has become a lifetime of serving both prisoners and leaders in the context of a widening profession of Criminal Justice. The very real cries of the prison-house
have been a mandate for me in response to the urgencies and concerns of both the incarcerated and those who ‘keep’ them. Prisons call for a pervasive and urgent response from caring individuals and organizations within our communities. Thousands of ‘counties’ across the United States face overcrowded jails which presently house women who are 90% likely to be mothers and men who are 65% likely to be someone’s father. What aggravates the tragedy even more is the increasing failure of families represented by the correctional professional and police officer, as well.

The registered name, County Corrections Gospel Mission (CCGM), was established in 1985 to define in simplest terms the focus of our organization. ‘County’ defines the geographical/political region being served; ‘Corrections’ targets the special ‘people groups’ we’ve been ordained to serve; ‘Gospel’ clarifies that our motive and message is one of ‘good news’ and ‘transformation’; while ‘Mission’ explains both the methodology of our work and it’s widening and unrelenting pursuit of broken lives both inside the jail and within the systems of both Law Enforcement and Corrections settings.

One thing is certain; you are reading this information while (most likely) living within 30 minutes of the nearest jail or prison. Not one of us can escape the fact that the deafening cries of Criminal Justice and the keeping of our nation’s ‘peace’ is tragically growing into a pandemic, universal nightmare.

Our goal is not to grow County Corrections Gospel Mission but to mature our effectiveness in bringing hope to the prisoner, their families and to the strategic warriors and caregivers who make up our correctional professionals, law enforcers and the myriad caring leaders who embrace the increasing sorrows that have been consequent to moral, ethical, spiritual and family failure.

Please know that I welcome you to continue reading and look forward to hearing your deepest ‘heart cry’ that has come from your own relationship to these realities so commonly heralded on the front page of our nation’s newspapers!

We appreciate your visit and would like you to relax, to take your time to visit the different pages and return as often as you can. Our monthly electronic newsletters, The Contender and PRV News, are meant to keep you up to date with what is happening at CCGM and in our chaplaincy ministry at Chester County Prison.  Be sure to visit the Contact Page and consider following us on Twitter

Also…pray for us as you are reminded.

Jack Crans, Executive Director