It was in the late 70’s and 80’s that the ‘City of Coatesville’s’ Oak Street Housing Project was the subject of many front page articles in the county’s newspapers. Too often, it was notorious for its reputation for violence, drugs and families-in-crisis. Our ‘Kids Bible Clubs’ had already commenced on the other side of ‘south-hill’ in the Parkway Housing Project. Children from both sides of the ‘hill’ would converge on our bus and vans to participate in our weekly outings and time in God’s Word. Many of the mothers of these same children approached my husband, Jack, and me with the plea: “Where and when will you have a Bible Study for us?” So, at the request of these very precious women who desired the encouragement from God’s Word, the ‘Mom’s Bible Club’ was born. Before the blessed acquisition of the Camp at Old Mill, we would meet in an empty apartment within the project, satisfied to serve a few hotdogs or share a pizza or two together. By 1993, we were able to begin taking the women to our maturing ministry base at the camp and had the honor and privilege of embracing each one of them in the midst of situations due to poverty, health, and loved ones already in the clutches of criminal justice system.

Today, we are still gathering at the Camp at Old Mill each Thursday with approximately 20 women. Several of the original women have gone home to be with the Lord while many still remain active from the earliest days of the Oak Street outreach. God has been so gracious to us all. We have seen the tangible, spiritual maturing in many of these wonderful, faithful moms, aunts and grandmothers. Our studies have been very extensive in the experience of God’s Word in most practical ways. Our studies have included: “Foundations of Faith” (New Tribes Mission) to the most recent teachings concerning “Fruit of the Holy Spirit.”(Beth Moore)

The ‘moms,’ like all of us, still struggle with many challenges in their own lives and in the lives of their extended families. But, by the strength of God the Holy Spirit they have learned to face their situations head-on and are willing to allow God to manifest His unending, gracious work in their lives.

In the kitchen at the Camp at Old Mill we prepare scrumptious meals for each Thursday’s Bible Study. In addition, we provide child-care and intercessory prayer on behalf of each household represented in our clubs. If you’d like to help us in meal preparation, child care or just want to come for the fellowship, please feel free to contact us.

Thanksgiving Luncheon

Moms Club visit Ocean City, New Jersey