Summer Camps

Wilderness Adventure

18910072541_6dfccd57ff_oWilderness Adventure is the pinnacle of Kid’s Bible Club. Kids who have shown faithfulness throughout the year get an opportunity to have a weeklong camp experience. They get to enjoy daily activities such as canoeing, arts and crafts, sports, and many others.

Each night there is a chapel service where kids sing songs, participate in skits and hear teaching from God’s Word. These weeks of camp are totally led by counselors who have raised support as missionaries to come and minister to a group of campers.




Day Camps

1Q0A1927 2County Corrections Gospel Mission’s day camps are a great summer “missions’ trip” opportunity for churches. Volunteers get exposed to working with inner-city, at-risk kids and really get a taste of cross-cultural ministry. Our day camps last for 8 weeks from July to August.

Each week the camp staff hosts a missions group, from high school to adults, coming from churches in the area. They live at the camp while serving and participating in a summer camp program with kids from the city of Coatesville, and have the opportunity to grow in a deeper walk with Christ. It takes those that are flexible, teachable, servant-hearted, and devoted, but is an amazing ministry opportunity that has impacted so many lives over the years.